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Russia, Belgorod region, Yakovlevsky urban district, Builder
Workshop of all trades. We make different work at home with departure. Assembling and repairing furniture, hanging cornices, chandeliers, sconces, manufacturing and installation of shelves, cabinets, built-in kitchens. Plumbing, troubleshooting, leaks, installing boilers, toilets, replacing pipes, taps, mixers, filters. Electrician, replacing sockets, lighting lamps, circuit breakers, repairing damaged wiring lines, replacing circuit breakers (circuit breakers) for plugs, circuit breakers, residual current devices, residual current devices, voltage relays, electricity meters, we also carry out accompanying actions on the technological connection of the private sector to network lines under the "KEY ", manufacture of pipe supports, assembly of metering panels. Welding, manufacturing gates, awnings, stairs, turning and milling. Connect, configure audio-video of household appliances, other household appliances. Repair, connection and setup of office equipment, computer equipment, reinstallation of Windows settings, connection of printers, MFP scanners, remote access systems, GSM alarms, video surveillance, satellite monitoring, repair settings of tablets, smartphones, PDAs, communicators, navigators, installation, program settings. Auto repair, diagnostics and repair of vehicle malfunctions, tuning, flashing control units for power and on-board systems, mechatronics, automatic transmissions, gearboxes, electrical systems, security systems, alarms, engine, chassis, fuel exhaust systems, body repairs, building jigs and semi-automatic welding much more. We guarantee the quality of work! Fast and not expensive.
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Course updated 28.06.2022 в 00:27
[Course 0.0188 USD] x [100 RUB] = [2 USD]
Course updated 28.06.2022 в 00:27
[Course 0.0188 USD] x [100 RUB] = [2 USD]