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Turkey, Istanbul
SILIVRI Silivri is a suburban area on the outskirts of Istanbul where you will find the clear blue sea and excellent beachfront. Just 1 hour drive from the center of Istanbul, in a quiet suburb there is a small paradise corner created by human hands. A small green town with luxury villas is built on the coastline of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Beautiful gardens, flowing waters among gardens, beautiful fountains, exotic palm trees and among all this, detached luxurious modern villas are built. Yes, all this is reality and not far from the huge noisy metropolis of Istanbul. Villas with an unusual modern design with a large private pool, sauna and hammam with an area of ​​427 m2 and with a garden plot. These villas are built in the form of a 3-storey modern house and consist of 5 bedrooms and 2 living rooms. Each villa has a spacious kitchen with built-in furniture and 3 bathrooms. On the lower ground floor there is a sauna, a hammam and a relaxation room. The town itself is located on the seafront and has its own beach site. The territory of the complex is guarded. The price of these villas is $ 450,000 For more detailed information, please contact the following contacts! Phone: +90 212 481 00 91 Whatsap: +90 555 166 46 70 Instagram: sultans_empire_turkey Email: Company website: Address: Eski Cırpıcı yolu sokak No1, office 322. Merter, İstanbul / Türkiye # Domaumorya # kvartiraumorya # ryadomsmorem # kvartiravantalii # kvartiravalanii # domvalanii # domvantalii # kvartirykipr # kvartirysevernyykipr # nedvizhimostvkipre # rezidentsiivkiprekvartirystambul # kvartiryturtsiya # nedvizhimostturtsiya # nedvizhimoststambul # villystambul # villytvurtsii # nedvizhimostantaliya # prodazhanedvizhimostiturtsiya # prodazhakvartirturtsiya # prodazhavillyturtsiya # prodazhakvartirturtsiya # prodazhanedvizhimostiturtsiya # arendanedvizhimostistambul # arendakvartirstambul # luchshietsenynakvartiry #Real EstateBest Rates #
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