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Turkey, Istanbul
..LEVENT ... Elite residential complex, which has all the amenities of a 5-star hotel. It is located in the Levent region, the neighboring areas of which are Kagitane, Etiler, Sisli and Taksim. The excellent location of the project makes it an excellent choice for people who want to live in an area with developed infrastructure. The complex is located in close proximity to shopping centers such as Sapphire, Canyon and Metro City, just a 5-minute walk to the metro station. Facilities in the complex: fitness center, indoor pool, hammam, sauna, indoor parking, restaurant with garden, children's playground and games room, reception, 24-hour security, billiards, massage room, hobby rooms, cinema and much more will be offered to the residents of this wonderful complex maximum comfort and enjoyment. Also in this complex there are additional everyday services such as car rental, airport transfer, ticket booking, holiday organization, gift delivery, apartment repair services, reservation services, courier services, apartment cleaning, dry cleaning, seamstress services, lock replacement and carpenter services. Prices start at $ 109,000 Upon purchase, a residence permit is issued. For more information, please contact the following contact information! Phone: +90 212 481 00 91 Whatsap: +90 555 166 46 70 Instagram: sultans_empire_turkey Email: sultanempire34@gmail.com Company website: www.homeinvestemlak.com Address: Eski Cırpıcı yolu sokak No1, office 322. Merter, İstanbul / Türkiye # Domaumorya kvartiraumorya # # # ryadomsmorem kvartiravantalii kvartiravalanii # # # domvalanii domvantalii kvartirykipr # # # kvartirysevernyykipr nedvizhimostvkipre rezidentsiivkipre # # # kvartirystambul kvartiryturtsiya nedvizhimostturtsiya # # # nedvizhimoststambul villystambul villytvurtsii # # # nedvizhimostantaliya prodazhanedvizhimostiturtsiya prodazhakvartirturtsiya # # # prodazhavillyturtsiya prodazhakvartirturtsiya prodazhanedvizhimostiturtsiya # # # arendanedvizhimostistambul
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