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During repair, construction, dismantling, a large amount of construction debris is formed, from which it is necessary to timely release the venue for these works. It can be window frames, old furniture, rubbish from internal repair work, ancient household appliances and much more. And you are probably aware that the law prohibits the use of household containers and a garbage chute for the release of construction waste, this threatens a substantial fine. We carry out the removal of construction waste in Smolensk, using all the necessary loading equipment, and also provide experienced movers for cleaning and removal of garbage. Construction waste can be cheaply removed if you order this service from us. We will do everything for you: provide the necessary equipment, containers, cars and movers. You only need to indicate: what kind of garbage should be taken out, the approximate number of cubic meters of garbage and the address of garbage collection. And we will quickly, efficiently and on time carry out the removal of construction waste from your territory. Our company will help you take out construction waste in Smolensk of any volume and will do it as soon as possible, efficiently and at low prices!
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