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the construction of frame-panel houses, cottages.

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Алёна Комнацкая
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На сайте с 23 июля 2019
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Russia, Saint-Petersburg
In our time of technology, there are a lot of different companies and private organizations for the repair of apartments (houses) and lines as well. And when you finally decide to make candy with your apartment (house), another problem arises who to entrust your precious home with for repairs! Many promise golden mountains! TIP: don’t be fooled by very cheap prices, and if they promise you they will do a huge amount of work in a short time. .I think everyone has become ivalsya))) who lives in St. Petersburg, or even in the suburbs, I can recommend the excellent organization! The main thing that the work under the contract, and for them the superior quality work and satisfied customer
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Course updated 18.11.2019 в 17:04
[Course 0.0157 USD] x [40 000 RUB] = [628 USD]