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Installation of metal structures

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Монтаж металлоконструкций
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Russia, St. Petersburg, Frunze district, Balkan municipal district
We are engaged in the installation and manufacture of metal structures of any complexity, in any weather conditions and at any level of heights. We work with our customers directly without intermediaries. We have our own production, on which we manufacture: - visors - canopies - ramps - fences - fences - stairs - fencing - barbecue - quick-build buildings - dismantling and much more. Our advantages We developed our technology for the fastest and highest-quality assembly of metal structures; We use materials from trusted manufacturers only. We have professional experience of more than 10 years. We guarantee the performance of any work quickly, efficiently and in the shortest possible time. Payment Methods - cash - non-cash payment (we work with 20% VAT)
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