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Creation of sites of any complexity without templates

~  1 570 USD 100 000 ₽
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Создание сайтов любой сложности
На сайте с 05 июля 2019
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Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Payment is possible by installments. Call me!  My name is Konstantin and I have been programming for over 20 years. I started programming before the advent of the Internet, since about 1996, and I do it every day.  -I am engaged in the development and support of web-sites.  -Make an individual website design.  -I understand well the topic of website promotion (SEO) and how to make a website in order to get into TOP Yandex and Google.  -All sites I do without templates and other ready-made solutions (1C-Bitrix, WordPress, Joomla, MODX, Drupal, UMI and others). Why? Everything is simple - I will explain by phone.  - Terms of creating a site from 1 week to 1 year - depending on the complexity of the site.  -There is experience in exchanging data between 1C and the site. I can make two-way communication.  -Registration of a site in the zone RU, NET, RF and others - for free.  -I can register your site on all search sites: Yandex, Google, Mail and others.  - I can add your site to Yandex.Market and other well-known sites.  -In some cases, I can host a site on my servers (hosting). I have a separate Internet channel for sites and a very powerful computer that has been working 24/7 for over 10 years. Daily (three times a day) backup of all sites and databases.  -All sites I do based on recommendations from Yandex and Google.  -There is an experience of high loads on the WEB server and databases.  -Very well versed in 1C 7.7, I can write any configuration or change your database and much more  Why is it better to order from me?  1) Great experience in creating online stores.  2) I have 3 online stores that have been operating for 6 years and bring good profit. (Now I am looking for money to purchase goods)  3) You will get not only an online store, but also my experience.  4) You do not need to buy 1C and figure out how to configure and work in 1C, because you will get a control panel for free, which has everything you need for a novice entrepreneur, namely: manage orders, create invoices, invoices, waybills, manage goods, completely edit the entire site, news, reviews, photo / video gallery, etc. The control panel is also made for your business from scratch. Nothing more in the control panel, only the most necessary.  5) I have more than 3,000 orders successfully completed by couriers!  6) I have been programming for about 20 years and I really like what I do every day.  7) I will teach you how to communicate with a client, how to do it to reduce taxes and how to attract regular customers, how to attract new customers and much more. I will answer any of your questions!  Write to me and I will throw you links to all online stores that I made and which work successfully every day and make a profit!  The entire development process “from scratch” you will see in your browser and tell me what and where to change (by phone or in my home)
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