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Liquid roof

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Bank 2.4l. 750₽ Bucket 20l. 6500₽ discounts on bulk purchases, with the purchase of 10 pieces, delivery Free The advantages of liquid roofing Eliminates roof leakage in any weather - instant leak elimination - high elasticity - no cracks - excludes peeling - wet application - filling capillaries - self-healing - memory effect Application Application area - Roof repair. - Roof waterproofing. - Reliable repair of roof leaks. - It will help to quickly cover the roof with your own hands. - Do-it-yourself bath construction. - Repair leaks in all conditions. - Repair of the van, roof of the railroad car. - Waterproofing of the balcony. - Do-it-yourself garage construction. - Construction of hangars. - Waterproofing the walls of foam blocks. - Housing and communal services repair in any weather. Consumption Minimum - 0.5 l / sq.m Metal painting - 0.7 l / sq.m Repair of the old roof - 1.2 l / kV. m New roof - 3.5 l / sq.m Application Methods Requirements for preliminary surface preparation before applying the Polymer Composition: Clean the roof of contaminants by providing direct contact of the "Liquid Roof" with the base. It is optional to dry, provide and process a surface with a primer The presence of wet clay and ice on the surface is not permissible. A single coat is recommended with a brush, foam roll, bulk or spray. Layer Thickness 1-4mm To give the surface decorative, heat-repellent and enhanced protective properties, the Composition can be reserved with dry sand, basalt chips or aluminum powder. The "liquid roof" can be reinforced with geotextile and fiberglass mesh. The composition is compatible with polyurethane foams, PVC, mineral wool.
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