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Vegetable cutter used ROBOT COUPE CL50

~  785 USD 50 000 ₽
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Размещено: 01 июля в 12:08
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Russia, Saint-Petersburg
ROBOT COUPE CL50 is suitable for chopping and slicing vegetables, fruits, hard cheese, mushrooms and other products into slices and cubes. Circular knives are purchased separately depending on the culinary tasks that I plan to solve using a vegetable cutter. For example, for the preparation of mashed potatoes, rubbing is required, and for french fries - a special knife with a mesh size of 8x8 or 10x16 mm. Productivity: up to 250 kg / h Speed: 375 rpm Overall dimensions: 350х320х590 mm Power: 0.55 kW Voltage: 220 V Production: France
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Course updated 18.11.2019 в 17:04
[Course 0.0157 USD] x [50 000 RUB] = [785 USD]