AR Gun Augmented Reality Gun

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Augmented reality gun is a great electronic toy. Made of high quality material, has an ergonomic shape, which is convenient to hold in your hands. The game console combines AR (Augmented Reality) technology - augmented reality and FPS (First-Person Shooter). The application already contains 20 games. This new model of the gun is equipped with a joystick. The presence of a joystick significantly increases the gaming capabilities of the console. Getting started is easy: 1 Download the application by scanning the QR code with the instructions from the gun 2 Insert two batteries into the handle 3 Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and wait for a connection with AR Gun 4 Choose a game and have fun
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Course updated 18.01.2020 в 02:20
[Course 0.0162 USD] x [700 RUB] = [11 USD]