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Investment Promotion Manager / Investment Advisor The manager’s task is to sell the company's shares, bills and loans, which means: actively searching and attracting customers, analyzing the financial stability of the client, offering options for investing money and concluding all types of agreements established by companies, for investing funds - a loan agreement, a promissory note, financing capital, sale of shares and others.   Schedule The schedule is quite free, the agent himself plans his working hours, organizes and holds meetings with clients. The agent’s activity does not imply permanent work in the office - meetings with clients, as a rule, take place on the road. Freedom of movement makes it possible to combine agency work with other activities.   Employment conditions The position "Insurance agent" is a freelance, i.e. Agents work on the basis of an Agency agreement with the Company. Salary from 70 thousand rubles. This activity does not provide for a fixed salary. The agent’s income depends on his activity, the number of clients he attracted and the value of the contracts concluded. Thus, the agent’s earnings consist of a commission (3–45%) of the amount of each contract concluded by his subagents Training and mentoring For beginners, the company provides free training, agents learn products, get acquainted with customer search methods, learn how to communicate with customers and hold meetings, learn the technique of professional sales. In addition to training, experienced mentors are involved with agents who help beginners to adapt to the profession, outline the first tasks, and cope with the difficulties that arise. The system of vocational training and mentoring is aimed at developing an agent as a professional in the field of insurance and a successful seller of investment services, in accordance with his interests, preferences and abilities. Growth opportunities In the course of their activities, agents develop primarily as specialists in the field of investment and corporate finance, constantly improving their professional level. At the same time, the position of “Investment Promotion Manager” can be considered as a “start” for further career growth. Opportunities for growth are determined by the results of the agent, his successes and achievements, as well as abilities and even character. For example, an active and successful agent with the necessary abilities and purposeful character can become an investment manager, i.e. the head of the agent group, and later, possibly, the head of the unit. Most of our managers and directors of the Agencies began their activities in insurance as insurance agents of our Company.
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Course updated 28.01.2022 в 00:17
[Course 0.0128 USD] x [70 000 RUB] = [896 USD]
Course updated 28.01.2022 в 00:17
[Course 0.0128 USD] x [70 000 RUB] = [896 USD]