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Kiosk, shawarma, trade stall

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Russia, Udmurt Republic, Mozhga
The size of the trading kiosk 2.05x2.05 (4 sq.m.) height 2.3m. 1 year of operation. Window 1.45x1.15, with protective shutters. Visor from a rain 0.8х2.1. Illumination of 4 spotlights on the street, light box of outdoor advertising 1 sq.m. over the visor. Two advertising light boxes on the window: size 0.4 * 0.5 and 0.5 * 1.5 (I will advise who will do the development of the logo and style) Inside, a desktop, shelves under the table and on the walls on both sides, a sink, a tank with heated water, An automatic machine designed for 20 square meters is installed. on each wall of the outlet, only 12 pcs. lighting 3 bulbs. 2 sq. Battery Hub on 4 channels for the Internet. Street wires 25 m. (Approximately) A new electrical cabinet and an automatic machine for 380 for installation on the street. I can additionally sell a refrigerator. In a good condition. There is also a roller grill for hot dogs. 4 liter deep fryer Press grill, Libra. Coffee machine Hurakan HKN-ME717 A trading kiosk (stall) is perfect for selling shawarma, pastries, fast food and take-away coffee. Reason for sale relocation.
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Course updated 20.01.2020 в 04:04
[Course 0.0162 USD] x [95 000 RUB] = [1 539 USD]
Course updated 20.01.2020 в 04:04
[Course 0.0162 USD] x [95 000 RUB] = [1 539 USD]