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The schizophrenia trilogy in electronic format from Alexandra Treffer. The announcement is published with the consent of the author. Unscientific fiction, mysticism, fantasy, adventure, love and more. Formats e-pub, fb2, pdf. Veronika Leonova, a successful professional computer engineer and a lonely woman who is constantly looking for personal happiness, after an injury, gains an amazing gift that allows her to physically move to other realities. There, she performs certain missions, each time finding love escaping soon. Returning, Nika writes stories about her adventures, publishing them on the Internet. The heroine, on her own experience, is convinced of the truth of the judgments that a certain higher power manages the life of each person, not only managing it, but also using it in its own interests. Book 1 "Schizophrenia." If you are sure that you really survived the invasion of computer monsters, loved a vampire, sailed under a pirate flag and gave a worthy rebuff to an alien threat, then this is ... schizophrenia? Book 2, Progressive Schizophrenia. Are you in the future? Have you seen enough of horror movies and found yourself where they came true? Have you been in a crowd of zombies and survived? Did the terrible eye of the looking-glass look at you? And are you sure that you saved not only yours, but also other worlds from a universal catastrophe? So schizophrenia is progressing. The adventures of Veronika Leonova continue, and her husband Dmitry and his wife from time to time find themselves in situations that only he can find a way out of. The book tells about the life of a couple in which, after the next adventure, the adopted son Cyril appears. Book 3 "Coma." If you are convinced that you have traveled to a world without love, where even loved ones despise and hate you, destroyed the underground base built by Nazi fanatics on a distant planet, saved a fantasy country from golems that captured it, and finally survived a global catastrophe, then this is a reality, or... In the book “Coma”, in our reality two parallels coexist, in one of which the main characters live and perform feats, and in the other there are people unfamiliar to the reader, somehow connected with what is happening in the first one and from the very beginning become a riddle a number of times. The price is for three books. Can be purchased separately.
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Course updated 27.09.2020 в 00:59
[Course 0.0128 USD] x [250 RUB] = [3 USD]
Course updated 27.09.2020 в 00:59
[Course 0.0128 USD] x [250 RUB] = [3 USD]