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I will send a more detailed brochure to e-mail. 1. WHY SERBIA: 1.1. Main advantages of the Republic of Serbia 1. Availability of highly qualified labor resources: • 5 university centers in the country; • High level of language training (Serbia ranks 4th out of 76 in the ranking of countries in terms of proficiency in business English *. * Business English proficiency rating, compiled by GlobalEnglish in 2012). 2. Competitive running costs: • According to Eurostat studies, Serbia has the lowest rates of expenditure on electricity, gas, other fuels and telephone communications among 37 European countries; • 200–400 euro / m2 (average property price); • The average salary is 400 euros. • The cost of maintaining the company - from 5,100 euros per year: • Accountant services: minimum 600 Euro / year. Depends on activity. • Social Insurance Contributions: 1200 Euro / Year • Rental of premises from 2400 euro / year • Irregular expenses - receipt of correspondence, selection of premises and other expenses, 600 euro / year • Individual medical insurance from 300 euro / year 3. Duty-free access to 1.1 billion consumers: • EU: 506.8 million consumers, 66% of total exports; • Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus: 171.1 million consumers, 5.9% of total exports; • Central European Free Trade Association: 20.1 million consumers, 18.6% of total exports; • Turkey: 76.7 million consumers, 1.9% of total exports; • European Free Trade Association: 13.6 million consumers, 0.9% of total exports; • USA: 321.4 million consumers, 1.9% of total exports. 4. Political and economic stability • Over the past 4 years, Serbia has taken a series of measures to further improve political and economic stability. Since 2014, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has taken measures to reduce public debt, including increasing financial responsibility, to reform public administration and state-owned enterprises, and to improve the efficiency of the public sector as a whole. 5. Optimal geographic location: • By car: By road from Budapest to Sofia, Istanbul and Thessaloniki via Belgrade. On the highway from Germany to Belgrade through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia. A new highway to Montenegro is under construction; • By water transport: By the Danube, navigable river connecting the countries of Western and Central Europe with the countries of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe; • By plane: the Nikola Tesla International Airport is a 20-minute drive from the center of Belgrade. From Montenegro
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Course updated 05.04.2020 в 21:35
[Course 0.0131 USD] x [100 RUB] = [1 USD]
Course updated 05.04.2020 в 21:35
[Course 0.0131 USD] x [100 RUB] = [1 USD]