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Russia, Kemerovo
WARNING FRAUDERS! Siberian soap maker. Phoenix LLC is looking for victims of fraudulent actions Bormotova Alexei Georgievich and his accountant Kolesnikova Bozena Sergeevna, the city of Kemerovo, street. Pchelobaza 23, related organizations LLC BON TIN 4205271626., HimTrans LLC TIN 4205299981 (director Ostrovsky Alexander Eduardovich is a relative of Bormotov A.G.). Sibirsky Mylovar LLC TIN 5403036513 (nominee director and founder with a 100% stake, Sobolev Matvey Vladislavovich). Sibirsky Mylovar LLC TIN 5405963432 (director and founder of 50% Rinks Evgeny Fedorovich (in fact holding the position of deputy director in Tomsk beer), as well as 50% founder Aleksei Georgievich Bormotov). September 11, 2019 Our company (LLC Phoenix) entered into Agreement No. 11092019 with LLC Siberian Soap Bar TIN 5403036513, for the supply of industrial isopropyl alcohol, on a 100% prepayment basis. The first supply of raw materials was carried out on 01.10.2019 at 1,460,000 rubles., Payment for the material was made even before it was unloaded, so when sending the second machine, there was no particular suspicion. Before unloading Bormotov A.G. sent screenshots of a payment with notes of the bank, as well as the signature of a real-life and working employee (manager) of Raiffeisen Bank. There was no doubt that the money was sent and the material was unloaded. The date of the second delivery on 10/07/2019, the amount of 1 478 520 rubles, at the time of writing this article 10/28/2019, payment for the second delivery has not yet been received. At first, Bormotov and Kolesnikova claimed that everything was in order, and this was some kind of banking troubles, then Kolesnikova first stopped communicating, Bormotov answered less and less and constantly hung up on the pretext that he was busy, promising to call back, naturally without calling back. After almost three weeks, all the numbers of our organization’s employees who received calls to Bormotov’s number were blacklisted. Accordingly, based on the above, the only thing we could do, without going over the legal field, was to start preparing for the court. When collecting and checking documents, it turned out that the contract was concluded with Sibirsky Mylovar LLC TIN 5403036513, and all documents had the seal of Sibirsky Mylovar LLC TIN 5405963432. It was most likely a planned change of stamps, Bormotov personally took the documents from the drivers for signature. When collecting information for preparing an appeal to the police on AG Bormotova on suspicion of fraud, it turned out that he is an economic recidivist, and just a bad person who does not recognize the principles of men who can be proud of their actions and be responsible for their words, 10 cases of non-payment of salaries to employees, 10 companies that did not receive money for performed services. Apparently, citizen Bormotov is confident in his impunity, perhaps and most likely he has friends or relatives in law enforcement agencies, he is also not badly legally savvy or has a lawyer on hand. Well, as they say for every action there is a reaction, 1,478,520 rubles. this is a large-scale fraud. We are sure that many are simply afraid of Bormotov, in fact there are much more people and organizations thrown by him. Phone Bormotova A.G. +7 (913) 079 66 66 Kolesnikova B.S. +7 (983) 2177770 We call on everyone who suffered from the actions of Bormotov A.G. calls by phone;  +7 (992) 00 86 001 or write to e-mail: s9920086001@yandex.ru This article will be posted on thousands of forums on the Internet. Letters will be drawn up in all state institutions of both the Kemerovo Region and their Central Departments in Moscow. This situation will not go unnoticed, everything will be brought to such a resonance that, if A. Bormotov has it. friends in power structures and state bodies, they turn their back on him !!!!
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Course updated 17.05.2022 в 13:48
[Course 0.0155 USD] x [1 000 000 RUB] = [15 500 USD]
Course updated 17.05.2022 в 13:48
[Course 0.0155 USD] x [1 000 000 RUB] = [15 500 USD]