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Cut down trees

~  1.57 USD 100 ₽
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Размещено: 21 июля в 08:58
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На сайте с 04 июля 2019
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Russia, Belgorod region, Gubkin
I saw trees, of any complexity, in the city, region and Russia. Crowning, as well as cutting emergency and dangerous trees, near power lines and over roofs of houses, with and without an aerial platform. In inaccessible places, the saw is made by arborists by lowering the branches with ropes. We carry out the export of sawn materials. We also make clearing of sites with uprooting of stumps. We work accurately and professionally (many years of experience); we guarantee the safety of property near sawn trees. We work with private individuals as well as with organizations paying cash / non-cash. Negotiable price. 8-952-437-90-63, 8-999-519-16-42, 8-905-040-28-58
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Course updated 18.11.2019 в 01:36
[Course 0.0157 USD] x [100 RUB] = [2 USD]