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Apartment, 1 room, 38.3 m² (2 floor) (To hand over real estate)

11 000 руб.
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Размещено: 06 ноября в 19:09
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Кристина Александровна
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На сайте с 11 октября 2019
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Russia, Tver, Perekopsky Lane, 13A
One-room apartment. Not extreme, on the 2nd floor of a 3-storey building built in 1960. clean and tidy. 5-10 minutes from the stop. City Hospital №3. In a quiet and peaceful area. Warm brick house (West side), good neighbors in the stairwell (mainly young families with children). Two playgrounds at 13 and 15 at home, across the road a former military stadium for jogging and sports (Veselova St.). Furniture: - 1.5 folding sofa. - Chair 1.0. - Mini wall. - Wardrobe - Ironing board. Engineering, communications: - A small TV. - A small refrigerator (old). P / s: In satisfactory condition, we resolve the issue of replacement. - microwave oven (microwave). - There is no washing machine (in the kitchen, there is a node for connection). - Network TV (6-8 channels). - The local Internet, the cable was not dismantled (the contract is temporarily terminated, there will be no activation problems). (WIFIRE, Sumtel operators). 100Mb tariffs - around 400 rubles without cable TV. Nearby: - Shops AUCHAN, "Magnet", Wagon, Pyaterochka, Fruit, YES. - Pharmacies. - D / s No. 21, 26, 45, 104, 130. - Gymnasium No. 8, School No. 21 and 40 - The House of Culture "Metalist" (various circles, dances, English, fine arts, vocals). Stop: Developed transport infrastructure with any district (Sominka district, Litvinki with a transfer in the vicinity of Blagojeva street). Bus number 30, 31, 41, 154. Trolleybus No. 3, 4. Tram number 5, March, taxi No. 6, 9, 19, 222, 22E, 204, 208, 223, 233. Honey, institutions: Children's Clinic No. 3, Department No. 1 (on the river), No. 3, Department No. 2 (Artyukhina St. 13k2) Adult No. 2, 7, Maternity hospital №5, Military hospital. Heating - Centralized. There is no centralized hot water supply of those planned; hot water is heated from a geyser with pierrot ignition (2 batteries of type D). There is always hot water, regardless of the planned shutdown. gas stove with oven new, a small refrigerator (old Soviet). There is no washing machine (it is possible to install yours in the corner next to the gas stove). A counter is installed on the HVS (centralized). Rent: (Strictly not smoking, without pets). - A young couple (M + F). - To students (F + F). - Russian family. - An old couple. - To the woman. Cleanliness and accuracy are required. Lived with a spouse and a small child, always kept clean and tidy. The ceiling in the kitchen under the lining in the apartment was not smokers as this is unacceptable. There are almost no smokers at the entrance, so smokers have the opportunity to smoke only on the street. There is a place for car parking (in the courtyard or under the windows of the apartment). Call and watch the time (for half a day / 1.5-3 hours), the spouse will come to the show because the family is a small child and I can’t. And then a meeting with the owner (mother) of the apartment. An advance of 11,000 rubles a month in advance (the advance is returned on the day of the congress minus the days lived). Com.expenses are included in the amount. Water (HVS) + Light upon, is paid according to the counter. You can call in and settle on the day of viewing. Please do not disturb: - Realtors. - Representatives of the East, Isiah and the Caucasus.
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