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The developing rug "Horse" (Happy farm).

800 руб.
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Размещено: 19 октября в 19:55
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Russia, Tver, Veselova street, 25, entrance 2
The developing rug "Horse" (Happy farm) A fun farm. Age Group: 0-8 months In excellent condition, without any scuffs, stretch marks and defects. They bought it for my daughter, and was not used unless a couple of times, alas, she is attached to her older sister and plays only with her. Sale as unnecessary. According to the dimensions of the bed / platform: (L * W * H) - 66 * 68 * 51. - Soft and pleasant to the touch. - There is a possibility of a canopy of additional toys. - No sound options, rustling elements (ears and mane). - The mat is freely and calmly washed in the washing machine. Inspect the opportunity is available. Pickup. The price is final.
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