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Manager at Skyeng

30 000 руб.
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What to do?  ● Conduct orientation classes for potential students, revealing the benefits of studying in Skyeng; ● Determine the level of English and recommend the best educational course; ● To remove possible anxieties and fears (objections) of students;  ● Report on lessons learned.  What will help you? ● English at Intermediate level (B1) and higher;  ● A desire to help our students; ● Readiness for cold customers; ● Experience in sales and teaching is welcome.  What do we offer?  ● Remote work from anywhere in the world;  ● Regular payments twice a month;  ● Paid leave;  ● Convenient flexible schedule 5/2: 30 hours a week, morning and evening shifts;  ● The possibility of increasing after 3 months;  ● Cool product and 50% discount on tuition. More about payment:  ● Probationary period (1 month) and then a fixed salary of 15,000 rubles + bonuses;  ● Average income - 25,000 - 30,000 rubles.
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