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Quartz floor - bulk floor using quartz sand.

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Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg, Tsiolkovsky street
Flooring stone floor using quartz sand. The minimum terms of production and reasonable prices. The stone floor is made using the bulk floor method using colored quartz sand, which is sealed with a layer of epoxy resin. Quartz sand is clean, free of clay and other impurities and provides semi-strength, high performance and decorative characteristics. Quartz floor can be used both outdoors and indoors - for the design of entrance groups, in rooms with increased mechanical stress to create a non-slip coating. Covering for a warehouse, parking, ramps, garages, a sink, a greenhouse, medical and public institutions, for offices, shopping centers, pools, bathrooms, apartments, cottages, garden paths, terraces, a loggia and a balcony, arbors and this is just a small list, where you can use a stone carpet. Stone carpet is a strong and reliable coating and has high performance characteristics: durability, no seam, wear-resistant to mechanical stress, does not require special preparation of the base, is easy to clean, resistant to chemicals and aggressive, a huge color scheme and excellent heat conductivity, which allows you to lay a warm floor under this cover
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